Is the beauty Stefflon Don really in love with Burna Boy?

The time is moving on, and there is no particular need for journalists to stalk celebrities to find out the details of their personal life. All love stories turn on the Internet, especially, on Instagram. Do you want to know one more love Instagram story? If yes, go on reading this article, and we will tell you about the sweet couple of Stefflon Don and Burna Boy!


Stefflon Don – a woman rapper, the author of such hits as Hurtin` me, Diamond Body, Calypso, Senseless and many others managed to hide her private life even on her Instagram account. But after a post where she mentioned that she was looking for love, a prince appeared. How did it happen? Read below!

Stefflon Don`s and Burna Boy`s private life

Indeed, he filmed Stefflon sleeping on his chest. The couple wears no shirts, and they both look quite cozy and comfortable. The man quickly deleted the video (apparently when his beauty woke up and saw it), but the fans managed to film it and widespread around the Internet. After the incident, there was a story on the woman`s page with the following text:

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